31 Psychological Life Hacks That You Can Exploit To Give Yourself An Advantage In Social Settings

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Impress your friends. Find a potential date. This is how you can manipulate people. You can get that promotion. You can get 400 Retweets. You can do it! You can read more on this Reddit thread.


1. This is going to be your way in

When a group of people laugh, people will instinctively look at the person they feel closest to in that group.

Read: wanna know who wants to bone who? Look at who they look at when everyone laughs.

2. Use it to your advantage

If you get yourself to be really happy and excited to see other people, they will react the same to you. It doesn’t always happen the first time, but it will definitely happen next time.

3. Eye contact is key

If you ask someone a question and they only partially answer just wait. If you stay silent and keep eye…

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Websites to train and wake up your brain , make you wiser, make you clever !!!!

The indexed web contains an incredible 14 billion pages. But only a tiny fraction help you improve your brain power. Here’s 40 of the best.
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whizzpast.com – Learn about our awe inspiring past all in one wonderful place.

khanacademy.org – Watch thousands of micro-lectures on topics ranging from history and medicine to chemistry and computer science.

freerice.com – Help end world hunger by correctly answering multiple-choice quizzes on a wide variety of subjects.

artofmanliness.com – Blog/site dedicated to all things manly, great for learning life skills and good insights.

unplugthetv.com – Randomly selects an educational video for you to watch.

coursera.org – Educational site that works with universities to get their courses on the Internet, free for you to use.

mentalfloss.com – Interesting articles guaranteed to make you smile and get you thinking.

lizardpoint.com – A collection of browser-based games and the like to improve knowledge of geography, math, and such.

ted.com – Collection of TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) talks in which knowledgeable speakers address a variety of topics in short videos (< 18 minutes)

lifehacker.com – Learn to hack life! Tips and tricks for improving all areas of your life.

lifehackninja.com – Recently started life hack site that offers lists of useful knowledge

good.is/infographics – Collection of infographics which showcase useful information in an easy to digest visual format.

mathrun.net – Practice your basic maths skills with a simple game.

conversations.nokia.com – Learn about the world’s most innovative smartphones and future mobile tech.

Litro.co.uk – All you need to know about the wonderful world of books and writing.

zenhabits.net – Blog about improving your life by making it simpler.

justinguitar.com – Hundreds of free guitar lessons as well as some basic music theory.

duolingo.com – Learn a new language for free while helping to translate the web.

memrise.com – Learn things quickly and efficiently with flashcards that are spaced based on the spacing effect

cookingforengineers.com – A site containing one man’s explorations in food, with step by step instructions for making a wide variety of dishes.

thedatingspecialist.com – A weekly blog run by a professional dating coach, offers advice on a wide variety of relationship topics.

nerdfitness.com – Fitness resource for the average person.

openculture.com – Compendium of free learning resources, including courses, textbooks, and videos/films.

charitynavigator.org – Site dedicated to reviewing charities so you can easily research any you’re interested in.

lettersofnote.com – Their tagline says it all: “Correspondence deserving of a wider audience”

thedailymiscellany.com – A daily dose of useful knowledge, quotes, and other random things.

MIT Open Courseware – Free access to quite a few MIT courses that are on par with what you’d expect from MIT.

codecademy.com – Website packed with introductory courses for various programming languages and web technologies.

investopedia.com – Learn about the world of finance, from basic terminology to in depth analysis of various areas of investing.

udacity.com – Free courses mainly focused around mathematics and programming. Aimed at people of all skill levels.

lang-8.com – Write posts in a language you’re trying to learn, get them critiqued by a native speaker (and in turn help that native speaker learn your language)!

careerbuilder.com – Job hunting site to help you find a new career.

ureddit.com – Reddit’s very own University. Learn from redditors, or try to teach them.

engineerguy.com – Collection of videos in which Bill breaks down various feats of engineering in layman’s terms.

zooniverse.org – Take part in a huge variety of interesting studies of nature, science, and culture.

quora.com – Ask questions you’re curious about, answer those you’re knowledgeable about. Tailor your own feed to fit what interests you.

thenewboston.org – A fascinating collection of videos and tutorials related to maths and computer science.

aldaily.com – Aggregation of articles from various higher education journals and publications.

noexcuselist.com/everything – A huge list of awesome sites to learn from.

livemocha.com – Community dedicated to the idea of everyone being fluent in multiple languages, teach or be taught another language with the goal of conversational fluency.

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confession اعتراف


اعتراف ::
أنا تونسي مسلم ، أنا بربري اتبع دين العرب ، داعش لا تمثلني ، القاعدة لا تمثلني ، لكن لست شارلي ، أنا غزة ، أنا فلسطين ، أنا العراق ، أنا سورية !!!!!! إحترم ديني ، إحترم كرامتي ، إحترم انسانيتي ، إحترم مقدساتي !!! لا تستعمل ورقة حرية التعبير ، اننا نعرف نفاقك !!! إذا أردت السخرية بإمكاننا ذلك ، لكن لنسخر صواباً ، لنسخر من كل شيء و أعني كل شيء !!!! أمامك الخيار !!!
رسالة إلى أبناء شعبي : عليكم بكاء شهدائكم قبل بكاء شارلي ؛ شهداء الثورة ، شهداء الجيش ، بلعيد ، البراهمي … وتذكروا شهداء الإستعمار وما فعل أجدادهم !!!! ليست كراهية ولكن إستفهام واستنكار !!! هل بكوا شهداءنا ؟؟؟؟
أنا اساند المسيرة الجمهورية حين لا تحتضن زعماء الجريمة والإرهاب !!! أنا اساند حرية التعبير حين لا ننافق فيها !!!
لم يكن ، ليس كائن ولن يكون أي خلط أو إرتباك أبداً !!! لن أكون عميلاً وسأقاوم مهما كلف … الصهيونية وداعش وما يأتي بعدهم…
confession to make :
I’m a ‪‎tunisien‬ ‪‎muslim‬, I’m an ‪amazigh‬ following the ‪‎arab‬’s ‪relegion‬.
‪ISIS‬ does not represent me , ‪‎alqaieda‬ does not ‪represent‬ me, YET ‪‎jenesuispascharlie‬
‪jesuisgaza‬ ‪jesuispelastine‬ ‪jesuisirak‬ ‪jesuissyrie‬ !!!!! ‪respectmyreligion‬ ‎respectmydignity‬
‪‎respectmyhumanity‬ ‪‎respectmysacred‬ !!! don’t play the ‪‎freedom‬ of ‪expression‬ ‪‎card‬ because we know
your ‪‎hypocrisy‬ !! if you want to ‪‎mock‬ we can mock, but we do it the ‪right‬ way, we do it with all
and I mean ALL !!! It’s your ‪‎call‬ !!!
A ‪message‬ for my ‪compatriot‬ : you should ‪‎cry‬ your own ‪‎martyrs‬ before crying charlie’s !!! ‪revolution‬
‪TunisienSoldiers‬ belaid brahmi !!! I support the MarcheRepublicaine when it does not embrace s the real crime and terrorism
leaders !!!!
There was, there is and there will be no #confusion at all.I will not #collaborate and I will #resist isis, sionisme and what comes after whatever it takes !!!!

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